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What to Know About Bad Credit Signature Loans

You need to pay for unexpected expenses or borrow a little cash to cover your bills, but you’re worried about finding signature loans for bad credit. Fortunately, there are options for individuals with less than perfect credit, including our signature loans at Dollar Loan Center.

Here’s what you need to know about our signature loans for bad credit available now in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Wisconsin. 

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The Specifics of a Signature Loan

A signature loan is a short-term loan designed to help borrowers who need cash as soon as possible. Since most signature loan lenders don’t use your credit history as a major component when deciding whether to approve you, they’re ideal for individuals with challenged credit. 

Applying for a signature loan is quick and easy; most borrowers can apply in half an hour or less. Usually, you’ll receive your money the same day. You don’t need a checking or savings account to get your money. At Dollar Loan Center, we can load your loan funds onto a reloadable debit card or have the money deposited directly into your checking account within seconds. 

We don’t require a postdated check or your bank account information. Instead, we offer flexible loan payment terms so that you can adjust the payment to your budget. When you’re ready to apply, grab your ID or driver’s license, recent proof of your address, and your last paycheck stub. 

Your approved loan amount depends on your income and your payment history with your signature loan lender. As you make consistent payments to your signature loan lender, they may be able to increase your future approved loan amount. 

Signature Loans for Bad Credit at Dollar Loan Center

Our goal is to offer our borrowers affordable interest rates and to provide cheaper interest rates than other local lenders. At Dollar Loan Center, we don’t charge you an upfront fee for your signature loan; you only pay interest for the days you have the loan.

Your interest will accrue each day, but it doesn’t compound. This means that you only pay interest on the money you initially borrowed. Our signature loans don’t have a pre-payment penalty, and you can save money by paying the loan off as quickly as possible. 

How to Apply for Your Signature Loan

If you need cash as quickly as possible, apply for our signature loans for bad credit online at Dollar Loan Center. Or, call 866-550-4352 to start the loan process. 

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