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Dollar Loan Center donates $10,000 to the Henderson NV Little League

Dollar Loan Center founder, Chuck Brennan, donates another $10,000 to the Henderson NV Little League, bringing the total amount donated to the league up to $110,000!





Dollar Loan Center is not only are we the #1 Community Short-Term Lender in the states of Nevada and Utah, we are also committed to supporting the communities in which we work.  We support several non-profit organizations through our Community Involvement program.

The primary reason we are so committed to community giving is the influence of its CEO Chuck Brennan. Chuck Brennan understands that a company’s value frame trickles from the top down. Chuck Brennan is passionate about community giving setting the precedence for the Dollar Loan Center Community Involvement programs. Dollar Loan Center Charities supports family philanthropy knowing organizations are another form of family from a broader perspective.

Chuck Brennan has an array of accomplishments that supports Dollar Loan Center Community Involvement: The Dollar Loan Center CEO landed on the Howard Stern Show to recognize a charitable donation, he was involved with local Las Vegas non-profit Opportunity Village’s “Heat is On,” promotion, and has participated in massive giving efforts proving his mission. The principal of philanthropy is integrated throughout the Dollar Loan Center family.

At Dollar Loan Center, not only do we offer the very best alternative to payday loans and cash advances, we are committed to supporting the communities in which we work. We support several non-profit organizations through charitable donations. On this page we have listed just a few charities we support through our Community Involvement and provided links to their website’s so you too can learn more about the great work that they do to serve the  community.



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