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Dollar Loan Center History

Dollar Loan Center (DLC) was founded in 1998 by Charles “Chuck” Brennan, who is still the majority owner of the company and the CEO. With his strong background in the financial services industry, Chuck recognized that there was a better way to make short-term loans than the typical payday loan (a flat fee for holding a post-dated check for a fixed period). The business model was simple: offering customers a signature loan (no check or other collateral, simple interest – the interest accrues daily and does not compound). Compared to charging a flat fee upfront, this is a better product for the customer and one previously unavailable to anyone needing a short-term loan. The signature loan product also allows us to give credit to those without a checking account. This has recently helped attract more customers due to the changing banking environment.

We have effectively charged customers a lower interest rate through careful underwriting and proactive collection efforts. Creating a superior product that is less expensive to the customer has proven to be a winning formula for growth.

Dollar Loan Center was and is marketed as a payday loan alternative, and our marketing efforts have been highly successful. Dollar Loan Center is also known as your community short-term lender because we get involved in and support the communities where our stores are located.

The consistent branding of our name, logo, and jingle has made Dollar Loan Center a household name in the markets in which we work. Dollar Loan Center utilized television, radio, direct mail, and a digital omnichannel approach to grow our business and market share.

Our first branch was in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dollar Loan Center’s controlled expansion from 1999 through 2008 yielded a stronghold of locations in Las Vegas, the Reno/Carson City area, and greater Salt Lake City, Utah. The growth strategy included both organic growth and several acquisitions of mom-and-pop locations. We now run over 50 locations throughout Nevada, Utah, and Idaho. Plus, we lend exclusively online in Wisconsin, Missouri, and Oklahoma, along with developing a solid management team and scalable infrastructure built to support future expansion to help consumers across the nation.

The DLC Guarantee

The Dollar Loan Center GuaranteeWe GUARANTEE to beat the rate of any company in your area. If we can’t, your short term loan is FREE*!

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Community Involvement

Dollar Loan Center Community InvolvementWe support several well-known non-profit organizations through charitable donations.

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Financial Education

Financial EducationWe feel financial literacy is vital to all consumers. Be sure to make educated financial decisions.

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*FREE means that no interest will be accrued on the loan. You will still be required to repay the principal amount of the loan.

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