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Fast, Easy Loans Online

Dollar Loan Center is an excellent option for fast, easy loans online, whether you’re facing an unexpected expense or want to make sure you have ample cash for the next couple of weeks. At Dollar Loan Center, we offer convenient, low-rate, signature loans to ensure you have access to the money you need.

See How Our Fast, Easy Online Loans Are Different

Our signature loans are different from traditional payday loans in Nevada and Utah. We simply need your signature as a guarantee that you will repay the loan. Combined with the lower rates, our signature loans are a better alternative to other local payday loans and consolidation options.

You don’t have to write a post-dated check to receive our loans, nor do you even need to have a checking account. Our loans don’t require any type of collateral. The amount of your loan approval varies based on your specific financial information and your payment history with us.

Though we do perform a credit check, this is for fraud prevention. If you have bad credit, this won’t interfere with your ability to procure one of our fast, easy loans online.

Interest on our loans accrues daily, so the sooner you can pay it off, the lower your overall interest expense will be. We don’t have a prepayment penalty, and we don’t charge any upfront fees for our loans. Your loan payments are reported to credit bureaus, so on-time payments will help you enhance your credit score.

How the Process Works for Our Fast, Easy Online Loans

The process to apply for our fast, easy loans online varies depending on if you’re a first-time borrower or an established customer. For first-time borrowers, our online application can take up to 25-30 minutes to complete. To speed up the process, have your ID, recent proof of income (like your last paycheck stub), and something dated within the previous 30 days to prove your address ready before applying.

We’re often able to process loan applications for return customers in less than 10 minutes. Make sure you have your most recent paycheck stub nearby.

Once your loan is approved, we funds are loaded onto your debit card, or cash is available at one of our many convenient locations in Nevada or Utah. Note that you don’t have to have a debit card connected to a checking account to receive your money. A reloadable debit card is fine.

You can apply for fast, easy loans online here, or stop by one of our 56 loan centers in Nevada and Utah.

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