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Why choose a Direct Lender? What’s the big deal?

Choose a payday lender for when you are in need of a cash emergency. They’ll provide you money in a matter of a few hours, or the next day. The single best way of finding the right payday lender is look for a direct lender. Many websites out there today are NOT direct lenders. So, What’s the big deal? If you apply to these indirect lenders, they will sell your personal information/details to the actual direct lenders. That means the data you entered to fill out their application, is floating around in between the numerous lenders. This is risky to your confidential data. Would you rather have 1 trustworthy lender  knowing your social security number, or 10 lenders you don’t know having your social security number? Don’t forget your name, address, and phone is also floating around to the other indirect lenders as well.

So before you apply, take the time out and look at the website. Look in their terms and conditions, as well as any other disclosures. If they are not a direct lender, it will be mentioned in their site somewhere. If you are hesitant, check out the contact page of their website. Most reputable direct lenders, will have a free 800 number with live people waiting to assist you. If you don’t feel like talking on the phone, most direct lenders will also have a live chat feature on their pages, that you simply click a box, and within seconds are talking to a representative. Most Indirect Lenders won’t have either of these features.

So before you apply, do a little research and make the secure decision, go with a Direct Payday Lender. Not only will you find the best payday loan for your needs, you’ll be able to enjoy the many privileges offered by these lenders.