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Senate Want to Take Availability To Short Term Loans

Did you know that next week the Government is putting in place a bill that will eliminate your ability to take out short term cash advances and pay day loans?

If they take away your access to emergency cash, where will you go?  These legislators have no idea that you need cash from time to time and nobody except short term lenders are willing to help!

You CAN make a difference!  Help us defeat this damaging bill by eMailing your Senator’s office now!

It’s easy:

1.     Click on this link
2.     Find your senator by entering your state
3.     Fill out the contact form with a message that includes your need for access to cash advances, short term loans, etc – and you do not want this right to be taken away by the government

It only takes a minute to ensure your government hears your voice !!!

Tell Members of the Senate:

  • To stop the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.
  • You’re unhappy that Congress wants to control your right to get credit.
  • You’ve had enough and that the Senator should stand firm against the Administration’s attempt to interfere in your financial decisions.
  • To help the little guys on Main Street rather than giving the millionaires on Wall Street another bailout.

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