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Explore your alternatives when you need an emergency loan for rent

Need an Emergency Loan for Rent? What You Should Do

You’re working hard to pay your bills and improve your financial situation, but you’re suddenly in a situation where you need an emergency loan for rent. Maybe you’re facing an unexpected repair bill, or perhaps you’ve had to miss work due to illness.

Regardless of the cause, you need to know how to get money for rent quickly. Follow these steps when you need an emergency rent loan. 

Seek Rental Assistance from Community Organizations

Many community organizations provide rental assistance. Start with your local HUD department. Your HUD department can direct you to programs for one-time and reoccurring rental assistance. If you’re chronically struggling to pay your rent, they’ll help you explore your options. Check with local charities and non-profit organizations to see if they have rent assistance programs.

It may take a few weeks to apply for and obtain approval for rental assistance. When you’re in a bind, this waiting period can cause even more financial damage. Use an emergency rent loan to mitigate the impact on your finances during this waiting period.

Apply for a Short-Term Loan

A short-term loan is a fantastic solution when you need money fast. You can even avoid the cost of high fees for paying your rent late or overdrawing your bank account.

At Dollar Loan Center, we offer a short-term loan product known as a signature loan. We were founded in 1998 as an alternative to expensive payday loans. Our loans have no upfront fees, and you only pay interest for the length of time you need the loan.

Need your emergency loan for two weeks? Then you’ll pay two weeks’ worth of interest! Our interest doesn’t compound, and you can always pay your loan off early.

To apply for your emergency rent loan, grab your ID, proof of income (like your last paycheck stub), and proof of your address (dated within the last month). We can process most loans for first-time customers in 30 minutes or less. You get to choose when you make your payments, and we offer flexible loan terms.  Need an emergency loan for rent? Apply today at Dollar Loan Center!