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Falling on Hard Times? Get a Loan to Pay Electric Bill

In modern-day life, it’s fair to consider electricity as a bare minimum requirement. It’s all around you, and you use it virtually all the time. Whether through your phone, making coffee, or watching TV, it’s an essential part of your life.

Unfortunately, if you fall on some hard times, paying your electric bill may become challenging. With this comes the risk of disconnection. While you can survive without TV for some time, what about air conditioning? Read on to learn what to do when you are unable to pay your electric bill.

Contact the Utility Company

As a responsible consumer, you have to reach out to your service provider if you have a challenge with the payment. Do this immediately you realize that you may not be able to honor your obligation on time. While you may feel like they’re out to get you, that’s not the case.

By reaching out, you’ll demonstrate that you have the desire to pay. As such, they may also return such goodwill by giving you an affordable payment plan. Ensure that you keep a record of all such communications. This includes the date you called, who you spoke to, and the agreements you made.

Also, when speaking to the utility company representative, inquire about the relief programs they offer. Tough times are a part of life and affect a majority of people at some point. Knowing this, many utility companies have relief programs for consumers who need assistance with their electric bills. Such a product may make things easier until you’re back on your feet.

Consider the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Beyond relief programs from the utility company, a federal program, LIHEAP, can help you with utility bills. It’s reserved for low-income households. If you qualify, LIHEAP can help you cover a portion of the bill by sending it directly to your utility company. In addition, they can help make your house more energy-efficient to reduce utility costs.

Get a Loan to Pay Electric Bill

If you expect your challenge to pay your electric bill to be short-lived, the above options may not be appealing. If so, you’re better off with a loan to pay electric bills.

At Dollar Loan Center, we offer fast signature loans online to help get a loan to pay the electric bill. With our loans, you get fast approval, collateral is unnecessary, interest rates are low, and there are no penalties for early payment. So, apply today to get a loan to pay electric bills in minutes.