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Our Daily Interest Explained (VIDEO)

Daily Interest Explained:

Dollar Loan Center low rate signature loans have interest that accrues daily.

Which means you will only pay interest for the amount of time you need it.

For example, if you keep your loan out for 3 days, you only pay 3 days worth of interest. Those other guys charge you two week upfront no matter what, even if you payoff your loan in 3 days.

With Dollar Loan Center there are no prepayment penalties and any amount you pay over and above the interest that has accrued will go toward the loan principal and reduce the balance.

For example if your loan is $500.00 your interest for 7 days is $18.95. So if you pay $120.00 for this payment the extra $101.05 will go towards your principal for your next payment, making your new principal balance $398.95.

Again the total amount of interest you pay on your low rate signature loan is up to you. Our low rate signature loans have helped many people through difficult economic times.

The Dollar Loan Center guarantee includes being one of the most established providers of low rate signature loans in the industry with trusted products, services and immediate financial solutions for over 20 years.

Disclaimer: Licensed by the Nevada Financial Institutions Division. Loan charges are based on a 65-week, $500 loan in Nevada with 31 bi-weekly payments of $41.95 each, and a final payment of $41.42. The APR is [197.06%]. The actual APR on your loan may be higher or lower, depending on the amount you borrow and the payment schedule. These calculations are based on an example of a typical bi-weekly loan. In this scenario, the customer has a bi-weekly pay frequency with his first pay day after 14 days from the loan date. The amount of the finance charge is $841.87. Please note, the aforementioned finance charge is the total amount of interest that would be paid if the loan is kept out for the full 65-week term and all payments made are the minimum payment and made on their scheduled due dates. Loans may be repaid early without penalty. Loan approval and loan terms are based on the lender’s underwriting standards and a review of the applicants’ creditworthiness. Applicants must provide proof of employment or reliable income and valid state issued I.D. Customer must meet the normal loan qualifications. To review loan qualifications visit us at dontbebroke.com. Certain limitations may apply. Loans are subject to approval.