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5 Ways to Cut Spending

5 Ways to Cut Spending

When things get tight, we start looking at how we can cut back and save some money… even if only to shift it to other bills to “catch up.” And, this is where things get hard. We don’t want to hear that there might be something we have to give up. We don’t want to feel as though we’re constantly making a sacrifice with no reward for all of our hard work. We get that, promise we do. But, when changes have to be made there are ways to do them without feeling such a strain and hurt. You may not want to hear it, but here are a few tips to saving some money when times get hard.

Cut Cable

If you haven’t already, it might be time to cut out your cable plan. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to live without your favorite shows on television! Instead, cut the full expense of cable and go cheaper by getting Netflix and Hulu subscriptions. Using a device like Google’s Chromecast or Roku so you can stream on your TV at a fraction of the cost, and often times you do not have to give up watching your favorite shows.

Check Your Cell Phone Plan

There are major price differences between carriers, and you may be with the wrong one. Time to compare and save. And, don’t worry about your phone number. Most carriers can switch your plan and your phone number, if necessary. Be sure to ask about any savings you may get by leaving your current carrier, like early termination fees. Before you jump to switching, call your current carrier to hear of any new plans they’re offering or any discounts they’re willing to give if you let them know you’re about to jump ship.

Don’t Drink

We all like to go out with friends or on a date. But, skip ordering drinks. Be the designated driver with your friends or order water with your meals. Drinks add up quickly and can save you a few extra bucks while not sacrificing a fun night out.

Take Your Lunch

Buying lunch on your break might be easy, but it’s costly. Save money by bringing your lunch to work every day. And if you just want the experience of eating out of your office, take your lunch to a nearby park to get some time away. You’ll save money and you’ll be eating much healthier!

No Shopping

This may be tough, but if it is not a necessity, you don’t need it. Cut out all extra shopping. No clothes, no shoes, and no trips to the local mini-mart where you have walked away spending $20 more than you needed to. Eliminate all that are not absolute necessities and save the extra money.