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Tips for Saving Money on Summer Bills (Pt. 2)

Welcome to Tips for Saving Money on Summer Bills Pt. 2 4. Carpool Carpooling saves an average of $650 to $1,000 per year. If you’re not sure how to get started carpooling, there are several sites to help you connect with others. One is eRideShare. This site is useful because not only does it help […]

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Ways to Invest $100 (Pt. 3)

Welcome to part 3 of Ways to Invest $100. 11. Roth IRA There’s only one thing better than free money: tax-free money! And that’s why opening a Roth IRA should be a priority. With $100 you can open an online investing account and watch that money grow and then take it out tax-free at retirement. […]

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Tips For Saving Money On Summer Bills (Pt. 1)

Welcome to Tips for Saving Money on Summer Bills Pt. 1 1. Turn Up or Turn Off the Air Conditioning Almost half the energy used in your home goes toward heating and cooling. Even making small adjustments, such as turning up your air conditioning by only one degree, can make a huge difference. For each […]

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Online Signature Loan Walkthrough

Hello I’m Michael from Dollar Loan Center. I’d like to take this time to show you how easy it is to get funded online for a signature loan. First visit DONTBEBROKE.COM. Next you will see a button that says ‘APPLY ONLINE NOW’. Click this button and it will take you to our application page. Select […]

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How to Manage Financial Anxiety & Stress (Pt. 2)

How to Manage Your Financial Anxiety & Stress Part 2 6. Stop Comparing Yourself – Especially Online It seems like we, as humans, like to know where we fall on the measuring stick of wealth, looks, and success, so we use others to gauge our position. However, constantly comparing yourself to others is not a […]

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Ways to Invest $100 (Pt. 2)

Welcome to Ways to Invest, Part 2 6. Invest in ETF The problem with mutual funds is that they typically require that you have at least $1000 to invest. Many require $3,000 or more. Unfortunately we are only investing 100 dollars so mutual funds are pretty much out. The good news for us is that […]

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How to Manage Financial Anxiety & Stress (Pt. 1)

1. Focus on the Positive Start listing the positive aspects of your money management skills. Perhaps you have a great job, are regularly socking money away in a 401k or an IRA, and have a nice emergency fund saved up. Even when things are tight or money is causing you anxiety, taking a second to […]

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Ways to Invest $100 (Pt. 1)

Here are a few ways to invest $100… 1. Betterment Betterment is part of a class of investment adviser that provides portfolio management online without the need for much human interaction, called “robo-advisors”. Instead of having to sit down with a financial advisor and pay them for their time, or pay them by having fees on […]

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5 Things To Do When Behind On Bills (VIDEO)

Here are 5 things you can do if you’re behind on your bills… 1. Take an inventory of where you are. Sometimes, the picture you’ve painted for yourself is WORSE than the truth. Have a single list of all that needs to go out to another company in a particular month. Make a similar list […]

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Side Jobs (Pt. 3 of 3)

Test Websites Sign up to help companies determine how customers use their websites. With UserTesting, you’ll make about $10 for spending 20 minutes evaluating websites or testing apps. The best part? You’ll be paid via PayPal within seven days. Sell Your Friendship Get paid to be someone’s buddy! You can register to become a Friend […]

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