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7 Ways to Save Money on Your Virtual St. Patrick’s Day Party

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, so prepare your green! In case you’re hosting a virtual party or hangout this year and are searching for some saving tips, we have you covered. These fun ideas will have you and your guests feeling the luck of the Irish all while keeping the costs down. 

1. Video Chat for Free

There are a bunch of FREE video chat platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype. All have their pros and cons so do a little research and find the one that is right for your party.

2. Channel Your Inner Leprechaun 

Pull out everything green you own and mix and match. St. Patrick’s Day outfits are known for their “uniqueness”. No one says that you to be wearing all green either. Dress in your normal style and add in some green socks, tie, glasses or jewelry. 

The best part is you can bust out the sweatpants! You’ll probably only need to dress up from the waist up since that’s usually all people see on video chats!

3. The Decor

If you place your computer or phone in a strategic part of your home, you’ll only need to decorate very little! Construction paper is everyone’s best friend when it comes to DIY décor. There are plenty of printable things you can find on the internet as well. Or better yet, see what kind of virtual backgrounds your video chat platforms have to offer! Or you can find some sort of St Patrick’s Day movie or show to throw on the TV in the background.

4. Getting Hungry?

Since you’ll be virtual you only need to cook for the people in your home and not a whole party! Corned Beef and cabbage is the classic St Patrick’s Day dish for a lot of people, but make whatever you want since everyone will be virtual! It’s the perfect time to just grab a pizza and a Shamrock shake (calories don’t count on St. Patrick’s Day right?). 

5. Hey Bartender…

No need to stock up on the liquor so just get what you like to drink. Add a little green food coloring to get into the spirit, or you can just use a green glass! If you want to keep the green theme you can drink a mojito with green mint leaves, green apple sangria, martini with green olives, or anything with a lime! Get some Mountain Dew or Sprite if the kids will be there (green bottles, you get the point).

6. Don’t Forget the Tunes

 What’s a party without music? Even if it’s just background music for you, there are plenty of free options to choose from. Use Pandora for some Irish radio, customize your own St. Patrick’s Days playlist on Spotify or most cable providers have a holiday themed music channel you can put on, usually at no extra cost to your current package.

7. It’s Game Time

Games are always the life of the party, especially for virtual parties when everyone’s just staring at a screen trying not to talk over each other. There is a bunch of mobile party games where everyone can join in from anywhere on their phones, such as Jackbox Games. Party classics like charades or Pictionary are easy enough to play virtually.