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23 Money Saving Tips for College Students

Money Saving Tips for College Students

We recently covered budgeting tips for college students, so it seemed fitting that we now discuss money saving tips. While you may now have your budget in place, we can talk about ways you can cut corners, save some money, and begin to prepare for the bigger picture — life after college. Here are 23 tips to help you save money during your college years.

1. Buy or rent used textbooks, and sell last year’s textbooks to make some money.

2. Don’t go to the grocery store when you’re hungry.

3. Limit how many times you eat out per month.

4. Don’t make impulse purchases.

5. Ditch the vices — smoking and binge drinking are expensive and bad for you.

6. Walk or use public transportation. Vehicles can be expensive to maintain.

7. Make more than the minimum payment on your credit cards. It’s good for your credit and saves you from high interest rates.

8. Pay your bills on time to avoid late fees.

9. Have roommates so that you can share the living expenses.

10. Shop where student discounts are offered and make use of your student ID.

11. Skip a gym membership and workout at local parks or by walking/running around campus.

12. Adjust your cell phone plan. You may be paying for more data then you need.

13. Cut the cord to cable. Instead use Netflix and/or Hulu with an inexpensive Chromecast to watch TV.

14. Don’t buy unnecessary school supplies. For example, take notes on your laptop instead of paper/pen.

15. Drink water.

16. Don’t skip class. Doing so is like throwing money away.

17. Sell anything you no longer use or need.

18. Go to free campus events instead of wasting money on a night out.

19. Open a savings account that earns interest, and then use some apps to help save money.

20. Become a resident advisor. You may receive free room and board or other perks for offering your time.

21. Go to the dollar store. Many essentials are at their lowest prices there.

22. Don’t buy name brand. The off brand is usually just as good at a fraction of the price.

23. Make your own coffee. It’s cheaper and with a few ingredients, you can make them just as good as the local coffee house.