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We are proud to support the Children in Transition of Washoe County School District each year. Thanks to our partners at Spectrum Cable, but more importantly thanks to everyone who came in and donated supplies! These donations will help 1,000’s of kids in need get the education they deserve!

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CCSD Students Getting Instruments Through New Initiative

Guitars, drums and keyboards are being delivered all over the valley, thanks to a new initiative called Band Together. 13 Action News teamed up with Dollar Loan Center to make it happen.

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Ways to Invest $100 in 2018

Got an extra $100 burning a hole in your pocket. Let's start investing that rainy day cash!

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Why You Can Be Denied for a Credit Card Even Good Credit

Here are a few reasons you can be denied for a credit card even with good credit...

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Financial Steps to Take in Your 20’s

Now it's the perfect time to start building your financial future and you don't need much money to do so. Give investing a try!

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How to Keep Track of Spending

How keeping careful track of your spending behavior is valuable.

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Two Ways to Beat Frugality Fatigue

The reality is too many people who embrace frugality to improve their finances take on too much, too soon and end up burning up.

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3 Steps To Help Your Kids Financial Future

As parents our number one goal is to raise our kids to be kind, compassionate human beings who can function in the world as independent adults but at kid's age it's essential that we also start teaching them how to become independent.

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Safe Investing (Part 1)

Be sure to leave your comment and like or share if you found this content helpful. Also be sure to join us for part two later this week.

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3 Steps to Help Secure Your Retirement

One of the biggest fears plaguing individuals approaching age 55 is whether they will have enough money to support or maintain a lifestyle they desire.

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