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8 Money Conversations Every Couple Should Have

If you've noticed an uptick in engagement announcements on Facebook recently, it's not all in your head — engagement season is a real thing.But if you're thinking about proposing to your own partner, you'll want to make sure you've talked through the pr...

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3 Secrets to a Healthy Relationship with Money

Love and money: Two of the most complicated subjects in existence.To help you love your money more this year, here are three simple tips to embrace:Be gratefulIt can be easy to lose focus when it comes to your money. Whether you’re struggling to get you...

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How to Use Allowances to Teach Your Kids About Money

As parents, our number one goal is to raise our kids to be kind, compassionate human beings who can function in the world as independent adults. In the early years, we’re often focused heavily on those “kind and compassionate” terms. Our goal then i...

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Four Ways to Tackle Overwhelming Debt

Any amount of debt can seem overwhelming, depending on what your income is or how much debt you’re comfortable having. If you’re feeling in over your head, it’s time to start looking for help to get you out of debt and back on track.When it comes to...

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Cheap Basic Cell Phone Plans on Every Network

Cellular phone bills remain an area where many people can trim their budgets. If you haven’t shopped around lately, there are many new options available. All the major networks sell wholesale minutes to MVNOs (Mobile Network Virtual Operators), which th...

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Repossession: What It Means For You

“Repossession” is probably the scariest word in the financial lexicon this side of “bankruptcy.” Basically, if you bought something with a bank loan and they have a lien on it, and you stop making payments, the bank can take it back.That means you...

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8 Shopping Apps for the Best Deals

Shoppers have a problem. We get too many coupons and discounts thrown our way. It’s hard to sort through them all so we can locate the ones we actually want to use.Luckily, a slew of new (and some old) apps are here to help us with this dilemma. They cu...

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How to Talk About Salary on a Job Interview

Talking salary with a hiring manager during your job search can feel awkward.It seems like there's never a right time or place to broach the subject. "You don't want to wait too long, but the last thing you want to do is bring it up too early and annoy th...

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DLC Presents X 107.5 Holiday Havoc ’16

Dollar Loan Center is proud to present X 107.5 Holiday Havoc '16. Two nights of amazing music. Just check out the lineup:Holiday Havoc Night 1Blink-182According to Rolling Stone, some of Blink-182's top songs:Mutt:Going Away to College:All The Small Thing...

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6 Ways to Stick to a Holiday Budget

From presents to parties to poinsettia, researchers at Magnify Money, a personal finance website, found that Americans with debt sank an additional $986 in credit card debt over the holidays last year.This holiday season consumers seemed poised for yet an...

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