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Homebuyer Credit Extended Again

First-time homebuyers got another extension and have until Sept. 30 to close their contracts and get the $8,000 tax credit. A bill allowing the extension was passed by the Senate late Wednesday night. President Obama is likely to sign the bill, which was approved by the House on Tuesday. The cut-off date had been June […]

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Household Record Keeping Tips

Do you plow madly through lots of papers looking for the documents you need when tax time comes around? Are you uncertain about which records you should keep and which ones you can throw away? There’s no time like the present to make your life a little easier and guarantee that you don’t miss any […]

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Calculating Late Fees Into An APR Percentage

Did you know that In 2009 the banking industry made roughly 38 billion dollars on Overdraft Fees! Sorry to say, but this is a regular position that most of us have had the terrible luck to come upon at one time or another.  At times it seems that no matter how hard you try, banks […]

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Not Using Credit Cards Can Hurt Your Credit?

So you’ve sworn off credit cards eh? Saying so-long to crazy interest rates and fees! It’s all about you and your debit card from now on. Let me tell you about a little hidden risk with that idea. Debit card transactions aren’t reported to the credit bureaus, so if you don’t use a credit card, […]

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Thinking About Purchasing That Dream House?

It’s a great time to be a house hunter. Almost everyone with a decent job and a good credit score can afford to buy in their home towns. Over 72% of families making $63,800 a year, could afford to buy a home at some point in the first three months of 2010, according to a […]

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Keeping Customers and Cash – Safe

VEGAS-BASED DOLLAR LOAN CETNER REFUSES TO GAMBLE WITH SECURITY | BY ABBIE KIEFER When Chuck Brennan founded Dollar Loan Center in 1998, he set out to do one thing: offer signature loans with reasonable terms in a safe, professional environment. “I wanted to give my clients low rates, flexible repayment options and a business-like atmosphere,” […]

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Senate Want to Take Availability To Short Term Loans

Did you know that next week the Government is putting in place a bill that will eliminate your ability to take out short term cash advances and pay day loans? If they take away your access to emergency cash, where will you go?  These legislators have no idea that you need cash from time to […]

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Why choose a Direct Lender? What’s the big deal?

Choose a payday lender for when you are in need of a cash emergency. They’ll provide you money in a matter of a few hours, or the next day. The single best way of finding the right payday lender is look for a direct lender. Many websites out there today are NOT direct lenders. So, […]

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Tips for Finding the Right Short Term Lender

Everyone has emergencies that come up unexpected. When you are in need of some fast instant cash, one way is to go online and look for a short term loan or payday loan. When taking out a short term loan consider the below… Apply with a Direct Lender. Direct lenders most often than not, are […]

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Money Saving Tips For The Grocery Store

With the current food and beverage prices, how high is your anxiety level when you enter local supermarket? If you’re like most of us it’s pretty high. Here are several straightforward tactics that will keep your money in your pocket at the supermarket… Select goods that are on the top and bottom shelves – Larger […]

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