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6 Ways to Stick to a Holiday Budget

From presents to parties to poinsettia, researchers at Magnify Money, a personal finance website, found that Americans with debt sank an additional $986 in credit card debt over the holidays last year. This holiday season consumers seemed poised for yet another shopping spree. The National Retail Federation estimates retail sales in November and December will […]

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6 Tips for Finding the Right Credit Card

Credit cards are convenient enemies. Almost everyone has a bad story about late fees, unauthorized charges, or overspending. Not surprisingly, many pundits (and parents) have a knee-jerk reaction to credit cards: “Using credit cards is the worst financial decision you can make,” they shout. “Cut them all up!” What an easy battle cry for people […]

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Save Money With This Shopping Hack

If you’re not using Honey, you’re basically throwing money away. This genius Chrome extension scans the Internet for any available coupons and automatically applies the best one to your cart at checkout. Honey does all of the work in a couple of seconds, and it’s free. My only question is: why didn’t anyone think of […]

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Understanding Credit Scores

You know you have credit and you know you have a credit score. But, do you know how these things interact with each other? Do you know how they are used? We all have some vague idea, right? We get that it’s important and there’s basic information out there about doing this to increase your […]

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How to Face Financial Anxiety

If you are trying to cope with fears or anxiety about your finances, you may feel alone, but you’re not. According to a Google Consumer Survey hosted by Go Banking Rates, 62% of American families have under $1,000 in savings. And to add to that, 25% don’t have a savings account at all. With that […]

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5 Ways to Cut Spending

When things get tight, we start looking at how we can cut back and save some money… even if only to shift it to other bills to “catch up.” And, this is where things get hard. We don’t want to hear that there might be something we have to give up. We don’t want to […]

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Holiday Shopping On A Budget

It’s October, and that means the holiday shopping season is officially upon us. It’s getting cooler outside as temperature come down, we’re scouring the internet for new holiday recipes, we’re making our list — and checking it twice! Holiday shopping can be a lot of fun, and a real budget breaker. So before you going […]

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How to Save on Holiday Travel

Can you believe it? We’re into September and the holidays will be here before you know it. Let’s get a jump start on those holiday travel plans now so we can discover all the ways to save this year. With all the other expenses we have during the holidays, why not find new ways to […]

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How To Talk to Kids About Money

When we, as parents, are struggling financially it can be difficult to want to have a conversation with our kids about money and finances. But, as you well know, kids are watching and can see our ups and downs. Sharing with them the many different aspects of budgeting, family finances, and paying bills on time […]

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23 Money Saving Tips for College Students

We recently covered budgeting tips for college students, so it seemed fitting that we now discuss money saving tips. While you may now have your budget in place, we can talk about ways you can cut corners, save some money, and begin to prepare for the bigger picture — life after college. Here are 23 […]

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