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8 Money Conversations Every Couple Should Have

If you've noticed an uptick in engagement announcements on Facebook recently, it's not all in your head — engagement season is a real thing.But if you're thinking about proposing to your own partner, you'll want to make sure you've talked through the pr...

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How to Use Allowances to Teach Your Kids About Money

As parents, our number one goal is to raise our kids to be kind, compassionate human beings who can function in the world as independent adults. In the early years, we’re often focused heavily on those “kind and compassionate” terms. Our goal then i...

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Cheap Basic Cell Phone Plans on Every Network

Cellular phone bills remain an area where many people can trim their budgets. If you haven’t shopped around lately, there are many new options available. All the major networks sell wholesale minutes to MVNOs (Mobile Network Virtual Operators), which th...

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5 Ways to Cut Spending

When things get tight, we start looking at how we can cut back and save some money... even if only to shift it to other bills to "catch up." And, this is where things get hard. We don't want to hear that there might be something we have to give up. We don...

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Top 5 Points To Know When Budgeting

1. Focus first around the goals and objectives which matter.In order to complete primary goals, you will frequently have to put desirable but less important ones to the side.2. Put time in your corner.The most crucial ally you've got in reaching your goal...

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