Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Next Trip

You want to travel when other people are not travelling but when is that? The easy answer: When kids are in school! If you’re a parent that can be problematic but if you’re not that’s when you should be traveling.

Go rogue. Make sure that the industry isn’t taking advantage of you. Right now we do a lot of booking online and corporations watch our habits so you want to make yourself as invisible as possible when you’re buying travel products. That means getting rid of your cookies and your history if you do airfare searches.

Be careful when you book. Statistically if you book your airfare on the weekend you save percent why is that? It’s somewhat of a mystery. My guess is that corporate travel agents work during the week so they know you’re not a business traveler.

Don’t be tricked by budget airfare. Everybody wants to save money on air fares but not all air fares are built alike. There’s one called basic economy. It usually only works out to a savings of $25 and on most of these basic economy tickets you cannot bring a carry-on bag into the cabin. be careful about the basic economy.

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