Cheap Halloween Tips to Save Money (Pt 2)

Here are a few cheap halloween tips to save money this year…


Costumes can be the priciest part of any Halloween, thanks to markup from stores. To save on outfits and accessories, skip the mad rush on October 30th and get creative with your kids.

Use Items You Already Own. For the best DIY costumes, use what you already have. From articles of clothing, to makeup, to cardboard pieces, to props, there’s a chance you already have the makings of a great costume in your own home.

Swap With Friends. One of the reasons buying Halloween costumes is so painful is because kids only wear them once or twice. Chances are, you know parents who feel the same way and would be happy to swap and lend costumes accordingly.

Skip the Masks. Not only are masks a pricey part of a costume, they can be dangerous. In fact, Safe Kids Worldwide warns that masks obstruct both vision and breathing in kids, and should be avoided. Skip the cost and the risk and opt for face paint instead. It’s safer and it’s cheaper, especially when you use products that you already own. Eyeliner is especially great for drawing on mustaches.

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