Cheap Halloween Tips to Save Money (Pt 1)

Here are a few cheap halloween tips to save money this year.


What’s Halloween without an appropriately scary house? If you purchase decor at a big box store, you can expect to spend upward of $100 on wall hangings, inflatables, spooky spiderwebs, and all the fixings. Or, you can find more cost-friendly ways to dress up your house for Halloween.

  • Make DIY Glowing Eyes. Every family has a few empty toilet paper rolls lying around. Make them into spooky decorations by cutting two slits (for the “eyes”) lengthwise into each tube, and then slide in a colored glow stick. Just remember that glow sticks only last one night.
  • Buy Cheap Pumpkins. Jack-o’-lantern carving altogether is fun with the kids buy them at the grocery store for better pricing. There are a number of pumpkin farms nearby, which require entrance fees and hayride tickets in addition to the cost of the pumpkin. By buying at the grocery store, I usually pay a lower price and nix all the extras.
  • Monster-ify Your Front Door. Another construction paper craft involves using colorful strips to turn your front door into a spooky (or silly) monster. Your kids can help out, cutting out hair, eyes, a nose, and a mouth to tape onto your front door. Not only should this impress trick-or-treaters, you treat yourself to easy cleanup.
  • Swap Out Light Bulbs. A cost-effective way to set the tone at your home or Halloween party is to purchase a few colored light bulbs. Look for blue, red, yellow, or green bulbs at your local hardware or big box store, and then screw them into your usual light fixtures to create a wash of creepy color. Just make sure to store them carefully when you’re done. You can use them year after year.

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