Band Together Sorting Party

CCSD Music Teachers, Channel 13 and DLC Employees gathered together to go through the massive inventory and create bundles and put packages together for future deliveries to schools.

All right first up we want to check in with our producer, Julie Pyle, who’s been heavily involved in the Band Together initiative here at Channel 13. She is out right now at the Clark County School District warehouse. This is such a great initiative. I love it. Julie what’s going on over there?

Oh my gosh, it’s so exciting. It’s all culminated to this moment. We’re at the, as you said, the Clark County School District warehouse where CCSD employees and Dollar Loan Center employees are all gathering today to sort through the quarter of $1,000,000 in musical instruments and gear that was donated. It was all donated by Chuck Brennan who is the founder and CEO of Dollar Loan Center and it’s just so exciting because we’re putting all of this into Clark County classrooms and we started our deliveries earlier this month.

First up we went to Lead Middle School and we took a bunch of acoustic guitars. Dana and Yasmeen from the Morning Show were on hand to help us give those out. And some really cool, I saw a BC Rich Warlock electric guitar that went to Basic High School in Henderson. So we’re just so excited about that. Here’s what it meant to the teachers that we were delivering to… “we need and so hearing about this amazing program was a just a blessing to us knowing that we might actually have guitars available for every single student.”

You know it just it means so much, it means so much, but as I said Chuck Brennan from Dollar Loan Center is the one who was responsible. He sponsored this. He is behind this. But all of that gear wasn’t here in Las Vegas it was up in South Dakota so he needed a lot of help to get it here so that we could get it into the classrooms. So this man was instrumental in getting the gear here. This is Carl Hampton. He, out of his own pocket, flew to South Dakota, oversaw the pack and got the goods delivered to us in Las Vegas.

Good Morning Carl. Good Morning! How does it feel to have all of this happening now? I’m so excited that this has finally come to where it is. We worked very hard to get all the gear here and now we’re gonna separate it today find out what we have and get it out to the schools as soon as possible. Now you are no stranger to putting instruments into schools. You are with the Imagine group. Tell us about what you do. For the past six years or so me and my partner Lisa Quam have had the Imagine Foundation in Las Vegas and we have produced special events to raise money to buy instruments for local schools. We’ve had many, many successful events and it’s been a true joy. I have to say it’s been a true joy. But I think that what really struck a chord with me is when you, when you talked about delivering to the classroom and seeing their faces. That’s the payoff of the whole thing. Once you get the instruments and you take them to the schools and you see the kids look on their faces when they get a new instrument. It’s like Christmas every day. It’s true joy. It’s it’s what we do this for. It’s the look on their faces.

Thank you so much for your help. We couldn’t have done it without you. It was my pleasure for sure. I enjoy all of it and anytime you need anything you know you can call me. Oh thank you so much. Well, we will be rolling this out for the next ten months. There’s going to be deliveries every month so hopefully we’ll be coming to a neighborhood near you. Thanks to Dollar Loan Center who is a proud sponsor of Band Together and the Morning Blend. Back to you guys.

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