8 Ways to Build Your Financial Self Esteem (Pt 2)

8 Ways To Build Your Financial Self-Esteem (part two). If you missed part one, we placed a link in the description section.

#5: Walk right past your temptations. When I used to work in the city I would pass the coffee shop on the way to the office and I would frequently stop in for overpriced Americana. I knew it was a waste of money and we had free coffee at my office but it was a habit. One day I decided to challenge myself to keep on walking. Overtime that $3.50 a day turned into hundreds of dollars saved. Successfully resisting temptation is hard but it can feel so good over time especially when you know you’re giving yourself a financial boost.

#6: Give some money away. This may be counterintuitive. How can you give money away if you’re struggling financially yourself? donating a small amount of money to a cause will make you feel better about yourself in general. It’s also likely that the amount that you give will make a big difference to the recipient and won’t ultimately impact your finances too much in the long run.

#7: Get a better deal. Searching for bargains can be exhausting but it can be rewarding when you score big. It’s a nice feeling to get $200 knocked off the price of a new refrigerator. If you could find a way to make searching for sales fun you’ll feel great when you succeed and you will feel even better knowing that your finances benefit as a result.

#8: Improve your credit score even a little. Your credit score has an enormous impact on your finances. If you stay focused on improving that credit rating it will pay off. Focus hard on paying bills on time, every time! Reduce your overall debt load and don’t use too much of your available credit. It will take time but eventually you will see your credit rating creep up.

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PART 1: https://youtu.be/BasIaGdfKLc

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