South Dakota Signature Loans

South Dakota Signature Loans

How Do Signature Loans Work

24 Hour Returns. No Hassles. No Fouls. No Fees!

In South Dakota our online loans fund between $100-$2500. We offer South Dakota signature loans with flexible payment plans – YOU choose when your payments are due, based upon when you receive your paycheck. When you make your payment, something is always being paid towards your principal, saving you money on the interest being paid!

FOR ONLINE FUNDING: A checking account is necessary for us to deposit money directly into your account. We will issue the funds transfer to your account immediately. It could take up to 24-hours for the bank to process that transfer. We take all steps to get the funds right into your account as fast as possible. From start to finish, this process is completely confidential and secure.

How Much Does a Loan Cost?

At Dollar Loan Center, YOU are in charge of how much interest you pay! Be sure to pay it back as soon as you can for the best savings! See the interest calculator on the side of this page. Based on the amount that you borrow, it shows you how much interest will accrue on your loan in one week.

How To Make Payments:

There are various alternatives for repayment of your South Dakota short-term loans:

With your South Dakota signature loan, you can make your principle and interest payment, based upon the date you receive your paycheck, until your loan is paid in full. You can pay your South Dakota signature loans all at once, make minimum payments, or increase your payments so that you can pay down your loan more quickly, reducing your interest fees. You can pay off your South Dakota signature loans without any prepayment penalties. Our online members area allows you to see your account balance 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

*On approved credit.

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