New Customer Loan Process (VIDEO)

Getting a loan with us is so easy, let’s walk you through the process.

You’ll need to bring in 3 things:

  • A photo ID
  • A current paystub
  • And form of address verification, which is a fancy way for us to say, bring us a piece of mail so we can see your address.

You’ll then fill out the one-page application while our loan specialist makes photo copies of the documents you brought in.

After this you and our loan specialist will go over your application and discuss what type of loan you want, a Signature Loan or an Auto Title Loan, and how much money you’re looking to get.

Once that is settled on our loan specialist enters all of the info into our system and prints the loan contract. You two then go over the contract and payment schedule in detail so there are no surprises and no confusion.

You sign the contract and you are handed your cash on the spot!

It’s that easy!

So a quick review:

  1. Bring in your 3 documents
  2. Fill out the application
  3. Talk to our loan specialist about the type of loan and the amount of the loan
  4. Sign the contract
  5. Get your money!

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